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An Invaluable Companion for Peace of Mind

An Invaluable Companion for Peace of Mind

Pixsee ensures your little one’s safety and comfort
above all.

Get total peace of mind

Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned parent, pixsee eases your worries and fears by allowing

you to check your baby’s activities whenever, wherever. Be secure and content knowing that

the person that matters to you most is safe and happy, day and night. 

All-In-One Monitor

Monitor like you’re in the same room.

Equipped with the latest 1080p FHD camera & night vision, pixsee lets you view even the minutest details in your baby’s crib from sunrise to sundown. Watch him smile, coo, sleep, or play as clear as day while you squeeze in work or “me-time” at home, office, or on the go.

Monitor like you’re in the same room.
Soothe those tears away

Soothe those tears away.

Easily understand why your little one is crying with the help of the cry decoder and 2-way audio. You’ll be able to hear the tiniest whimpers and recognize if baby can be soothed remotely with your voice, calming music, or it’s really time to head back to the nursery.

Get reassurance 24/7.

With advanced features such as temperature, humidity, face, & area detection, you can control the nursery’s environment to make it a safer, cozier, & comfier space for baby.  Get real-time alerts delivered straight to your phone via the pixsee app. 

Get reassurance 24/7
Build lifelong memories

Build lifelong memories.

Pixsee even allows you to snap photos and record videos, so no childhood milestones will be missed! Capture the many “firsts” of your baby and turn them into heartwarming keepsakes to treasure forever or share with families and friends.

Give your baby a dependable nursery companion who’ll help keep an eye on his well-being.

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